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Природничо-географічний факультет
Уманського державного педагогічного університету імені Павла Тичини
пропонує Вам заповнити анкету вступника.

Надіславши анкету абітурієнта, Вас постійно повідомлятимуть про особливості вступної кампанії та терміни проведення профорієнтаційних заходів в університеті.

Бажаю навчатись за такими спеціальностями:

  • Географія. Біологія. (краєзнавчо-туристична робота)
  • Географія. (землевпорядкування та кадастр)
  • Біологія. (практична психологія)
  • Біологія. Хімія.
  • Хімія. (інформатика)
  • Хімія. Біологія.
  • Біологія.
  • Географія.
  • Хімія.

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Ecology and education

Екологія і освіта

The Ecology and Education Research Laboratory is a structural unit of Paul Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University and conducts basic and applied scientific research in various fields of ecology for the formation of ecological consciousness, the outlook, culture of future teachers and the improvement of their environmental and environmental training.

Laboratory Coordinator – Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Management of NAAS of Ukraine.

The Laboratory was established in 1992 and was headed by Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Hancharenko Anna Yevdokimivna, and since 2019 has become Professor of Sovgira Svetlana Vasilyevna .

Sovgira Svitlana

Key labs:

  • Ø monitoring of biological and landscape diversity and its environmental impact;
  • Ø study of natural resources and their current ecological status;
  • Ø exploring the potential of landscape ecosystems with further justification for the creation of new protected areas;
  • Ø development of technological and organizational aspects of environmental work;
  • Ø implementation of environmental measures and actions;
  • Ø shaping the ecological outlook of students and students.

фото 1 Laboratory Meeting


with government agencies, academic institutions, and educational institutions:

  • Ø MM National Botanical Garden. A mistake;
  • Ø Institute of Geological Sciences of NAS of Ukraine;
  • Ø National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Student Youth;
  • Ø Uman Sanitary and Epidemiological Station;
  • Ø Laboratory Schools;
  • Ø general education institutions;
  • Ø Departments of education.

The Research Laboratory coordinates the activities of the Ecological Laboratory of Sumy Secondary School of Grades I-III under the order of the Department of Education of Bershad District State Administration of Vinnytsia Region.

Forms of work:

  • comprehensive scientific expeditions of environmental direction;
  • eco routes;
  • environmental paths;
  • designing and organizing micro-orders;
  • environmental competitions;
  • conducting environmental actions;
  • Organizing environmental monitoring in the educational process.

фото 2 Carrying out a conservation action

“For clean sources”

Research Area:

Monitoring of biological and landscape diversity, their ecological status on the territory of Central Pobuzhye

27 year business results:

At the age of 27, one of the most active divisions of the Pavel Tychyna UDPU – the Ecology and Education Research Laboratory, whose permanent director is the Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Anna Goncharenko.

Throughout the years, the staff of the Ecology and Education Laboratory have been successfully conducting scientific research, organizing expeditions for the study of fauna and flora in the conditions of anthropogenic transformation of Central Pobuzhye. The collected materials find their place in the annual collection of scientific papers “Scientific Notes of the Ecological Laboratory of UDPU”, in monographs, manuals.

The results of the laboratory’s activity are evidenced by the repeated victories of its students at the All-Ukrainian contests of student scientific papers, All-Ukrainian weeks of young innovators and inventors of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian contests “To Pure Sources”, Regional and All-Ukrainian scientific competitions.

The environmental lab’s environmental experience is covered in periodicals, radio and television. Much effort is being made to strengthen the logistic base of the unit.

As a result of the activities of the staff of the Research Laboratory “Ecology and Education”, only for 2017 is the following:

– 15 environmental actions: exhibitions of student household waste products and exhibitions of creative Christmas trees, with a further gift to the children of the products selected at the exhibition; conservation actions for the descendants of the Chikanka River, rescue of the Palanka River and conservation of natural resources, streamlining the Ostashivsky Pond in Uman; International action “Earth Hour”, environmental actions “Forests, parks, squares – to be clean”, “Positions of the tree of peace”; The All-Ukrainian campaign “For a clean environment”, the campaign “Clean Thursday” within the framework of the “Spring Month of Goodness”, the action to the World Environment Day, the All-Ukrainian Environmental Initiative “Clean Ukraine – utilize batteries”; arrangement of the “Lilac Alley” at the University Agricultural Station;

– two All-Ukrainian conferences and more than 11 seminars and roundtables, in particular: conferences “Environmental strategy of the future: experience and innovations”, round table “Raising awareness on biosafety and chemical safety in Ukraine”, seminar-requiem “Chornobyl has no past time, etc.;

Two expeditions: within the Southern Bug Day and exploring the Chicanka River. According to the results of expeditionary studies, a decision was made to create a geological monument of nature of local importance “Illinetsky Crater” with a total area of ​​17.2 hectares to protect the place of the meteorite fall;

– active in cooperation with the Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Management and the Khmelnitsky Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Education;

Participation in competitions, forums, seminars: Competition “Building a Sustainable Attitude to the Environment and Eco-Consciousness”, To Clean Sources”, All-Ukrainian Forum “Education for Balanced Development”, VI All-Ukrainian ride by environmentalists.

According to the results of the laboratory’s activity, it was succeeded to: introduce technology of rehabilitation, conservation and reproduction of biological and landscape diversity of natural and anthropogenic landscape complexes of the small rivers of Central Pobuzhya, to apply author’s method of creation of new protected objects, to promote propagandists.

So, the next anniversary of the Ecology and Education Research Lab is a new opportunity to share its achievements and to congratulate the inspired, patriotic, nature-loving community on the achievements and wish them further success.

The achievements and achievements of the scientists of the laboratory are covered in the mass media, regional television, in the national report on the state of the environment in Ukraine (1994-1995), the national program “Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine” (issue IV, 2008). )

Our address: Research Laboratory “Ecology and Education” (Audit 211-212), Uman State Pedagogical Pavel Tychyna University, ul. Sadova, 2, Uman, Cherkasy region, 20300.

Email: lab.eco@udpu.edu.ua

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