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Уманського державного педагогічного університету імені Павла Тичини
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Надіславши анкету абітурієнта, Вас постійно повідомлятимуть про особливості вступної кампанії та терміни проведення профорієнтаційних заходів в університеті.

Бажаю навчатись за такими спеціальностями:

  • Географія. Біологія. (краєзнавчо-туристична робота)
  • Географія. (землевпорядкування та кадастр)
  • Біологія. (практична психологія)
  • Біологія. Хімія.
  • Хімія. (інформатика)
  • Хімія. Біологія.
  • Біологія. Хімія.
  • Біологія. Практична психологія.
  • Географія. Біологія. (краєзнавчо-туристична робота)
  • Хімія. (інформатика)
  • Біологія.
  • Географія.
  • Хімія.
  • Біологія. (хімія)
  • Географія. (краєзнавчо-туристична робота)
  • Хімія.

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«Vocational practice»

Field practice which is very important in educational process is an inalienable part of students’ preparations for teaching work at Nature and Geography Department. A geography and biology teacher should know a modern trend in the geographical sphere in general and particular landscapes very well, the tendencies in their developments, and be capable of watching specific phenomena in Nature, and be competent to carry out field, stationary, and route economic-geographical research and observations.

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Field practice on geology in the Carpathians Mountains under the supervision Professor S.G. Polovka

The main purpose of teaching field practices on geographical and biological subjects is to establish solid knowledge obtained by students at the time of learning theoretical courses during I and IV year and deepen it.

Teaching field practices are conducted in summer time, and, as a rule, they are complex. Their routes are various:

– The Carpathian Mountains (Kolochava village, Zakarpatska reg.); – The Crimea peninsula (tourist routes); – The Black, Azov Sea coasts; – Shatsk lakes (Svitiaz village, Volyn reg.); – Tributary of The Pivdenniy Boog river (Stavky village, Vinnitsa reg.); – Tributary of the Dnipro River (Kaniv, Cherkassy reg.); – National park ‘Askaniya Nova’ (Herson reg.); – Uman town and Uman district (tourist regions).


Studying of hydrological features of The South Boog


Associate Professor O.I. Sytnyk, conducting the field practice on geomorphology

The practice includes three stages: preparatory, expeditionary-field, and paper stage (final). 1. The preparatory stage of the practice begins in time before the terms of field observations and research, and includes teaching-methodological and technical preparations. Teaching-methodological preparations involve: a) Students getting familiar with the purpose and tasks of the practice, methods and framework; b) Previous studying of the program of the practice and its route as well as the place of practice according to written and cartographical materials. Organizational preparations include: a) Talk of the supervisor with students concerning behavior manners at the practice; b) Making students familiar with safety instructions; c) Duties sharing among students in the group at the time of the practice; d) Copying with a series of organizational tasks (documents preparations, sending business letters to some places of the practice, getting financial assistance, medical checks, etc.) Technical preparations include the selecting of learning materials and equipment for the practice.

IMG_0295 IMG_0295

Studying The Black Sea seashore at the time of the field practice on the subject ‘Main lands and oceans Geography’

2. An expedition field period includes the time from the moment of going students out to the moment of returning. It involves not only data accumulation and collection, and watching objects in key places of the practice, but also geographical observations along the route of the practice. Over the field period students write notes in their individual observation diaries, periodically participate in keeping the group diary, collect and process data according personal and group tasks.

3. The final stage concerns necessary laboratory processing of the data of collected materials and summarizing the results of the practice. This stage may take 20% of the time of the practice.

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At the time of teaching field practice students visit historical and cultural monuments to the past of our country

In this way, the zest of studying at our Department is annual practices in different places of Ukraine when students have a chance not only to familiarize themselves with theoretical materials, but also to improve their overall body state.

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