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Надіславши анкету абітурієнта, Вас постійно повідомлятимуть про особливості вступної кампанії та терміни проведення профорієнтаційних заходів в університеті.

Бажаю навчатись за такими спеціальностями:

  • Географія. Біологія. (краєзнавчо-туристична робота)
  • Географія. (землевпорядкування та кадастр)
  • Біологія. (практична психологія)
  • Біологія. Хімія.
  • Хімія. (інформатика)
  • Хімія. Біологія.
  • Біологія.
  • Географія.
  • Хімія.

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Vocational practice

Educational (field) practices play a significant role in shaping the professionalism of future teachers of the natural sciences. As stated in the Law of Ukraine on Higher Education: “practical training of persons studying at higher educational establishments is carried out by passing their practice at enterprises, institutions and organizations in accordance with contracts concluded by higher education institutions, or in its structural units providing practical training. preparation. ”

Teaching practice is one of the main components of the educational process in higher education institutions. It is characterized as an element of the learning process and has its own characteristics that determine the specifics of approaches to determining its purpose, content, forms, methods and means of conducting. In the course of practice, the formation and consolidation of professional skills and skills based on the knowledge obtained during the classroom work, which is a priority in the development of competence of the teacher of natural disciplines. It is precisely the interconnection of theory and practice that is the basis in the study of future teachers of fundamental and specialized natural sciences, facilitates the interdisciplinary connection of the activities of teachers of higher education. Logistical support for educational practice, which greatly complements the educational process (geographical devices, clarity, etc.), is one of its mandatory elements. In addition, students fulfill the tasks of the practice promotes the formation of self-decision-making skills and defines the requirements for its cognitive activity. This is the basis for determining the content of educational technologies that are implemented in the practical component of the educational process.

Practical student preparation is a form of educational process that not only checks students’ professional competencies, but also creates ample opportunities for shaping the research culture of future professionals in a specific scientific field. Different types of internships are provided for the practical training of students in the curriculum.

Natural sciences (field) teaching practices are a necessary part of the higher education process of the natural science field, which aims to broaden and deepen students’ knowledge gained in theoretical study program material. They contribute to the formation of students’ natural worldview and aesthetic education, give a clear picture of natural phenomena and relationships, teach them to record facts and analyze them, summarize what they have seen and draw conclusions.

It is these peculiarities of educational (field) practice that determine the technologies for conducting it at the UDPU at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography.

The importance of field practices for the preparation of science teachers is not only about the acquisition of practical skills and abilities, but also about travel, the study of various natural and socio-economic subjects, special attention is paid to the interaction between man and nature.

The great positive is that in order to explore more objects and to familiarize students of the Faculty with the natural diversity and economy of Right-Bank Ukraine, new expedition routes are developed and developed each year , excursions with further cameral processing of results in the structural units of the University.

Training practices are conducted in the summer and are generally complex. Practice routes are very diverse and cover a large area of ​​Right-Bank Ukraine: the Carpathians (Kolochava village, Transcarpathian region, Ivano-Frankivsk region), Black Sea coast (Odessa region), Shatsk lakes (Svityaz village, Volyn region), river valley Southern Bug (Stavki village, Vinnytsia region), Dnipro river valley (Kaniv, Cherkasy region), Askaniya-Nova reserve (Kherson region), Uman and Uman district (tourist routes), Transnistria ( Busha village, Vinnytsia region)

Practice Routes

Climbing to Hoverla

The path of O. Dovbush is led by students of prof. S.V. Sovgira

Bush is the Pearl of Transnistria
Practice in Soil Science is conducted by prof. V.P. Nicholas
Rare (the only in Ukraine) locomotive of the Gayvoron Narrow Track
Buc Canyon is one of the wonders of Cherkasy region
Zavalli Graphite Plant Career
Familiarize yourself with local museum exhibits

Practice in geology is conducted by prof. S.G. Halter
Practice in the Pripyat Valley is carried out by Assoc. OD Lavrik

The practice consists of three stages: preparatory, field expedition, and camera (final).

1. The preparatory period of practice begins before the start of the field observation and research period and includes educational, methodological and technical training. The training includes: a) familiarizing students with the purpose and objectives of the practice, methods and techniques of work, b) preliminary study of the program of practice and its route, as well as the area of ​​practice for literary and cartographic materials, Organizational training includes: a) conversation with b) familiarizing students with the safety instruction; c) sharing responsibilities among students in the group for the period of practice; d) solving a number of organizational issues ( idhotovka documentation, sending business letters in some points of practice, obtaining financial resources, physical examination, etc.). Technical training includes the selection of training materials and equipment for practice.

2. The expedition-field period covers the time from the moment of departure of students to the moment of return and includes not only the collection and accumulation of factual material, the study of objects at nodal points of practice, but also geographical observations along the route of practice. In the field, students: keep an individual observation diary, periodically participate in the group diary, collect and process materials according to personal and group tasks.

3. The final stage involves the necessary cameral processing of the collected materials and summarizing the practice. This can be up to 20% of practice time.

A special feature of the natural science disciplines is that students have to perform tasks in a complex way, in groups where the result of each depends on the ability to work in a team, understanding and mutual assistance, home improvement and self-service.

In general, the educational practices in biology, chemistry, geography at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography of the UEFA named after Paul Tychyna are organized in accordance with the curricula, programs, orders and schedule and cover all students. Students are provided with methodological instructions for the work, accessible equipment before the beginning of practice.

According to the provision, the practice base is the Pavel Tychyna UDPU Agrobiology Station, where students perform a large amount of work acquiring and improving the cultivation of cultivated plants.

In general, modern enterprises (organizations, institutions) of various branches of urban economy, science, education, trade, agriculture, public administration, as well as bases outside Ukraine may be the bases of practices, having the requisite educational and training facilities and qualified personnel.

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